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Informative People understand the importance of adopting a talent is the most important and tough decision as this will not only increase the head count but also the cultural fitment too. We know how important a decision it is every time you take on a permanent member. As we all know, the wrong decision can be very costly. Our permanent recruitment process focuses on achieving the right long-term fit between your requirements and the person you employ.

Our unofficial motto is, "We place people - not pieces of paper". We listen to our clients and they listen to us, advising them on the realities of the market to make sure we are in agreement on what is achievable. We use the appropriate recruitment tools to find suitable candidates and then we listen to them as well, helping to make the move into a new permanent role as seamless and painless as possible.

We actively use following ways to motivate professional for career development

                Internal database                                            Print Media Advertisement 

                Online Database                                               Direct mail 

                E-marketing                                                       Referralsl 

                Headhunting                                                       Careers evenings 

                Assessment centers                                        Overseas alliances 

                SMS and job alert                                              Job Posting

The permanent recruitment cycle is extremely complex. In today’s competitive market place it is vital that a candidate’s interest is maintained throughout the process and Informative People take an active role in this, providing a twofold to both candidates and clients.

The building of a good relationship between client and the candidate is vital in ensuring open communication during a time, when life changing decisions are made