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We at Informative People inputs all its efforts to become an integral part of your organization, working with you and your staff to understand requirements and help you build a winning team. We develop recruitment strategies for your position openings based upon a clear understanding of your needs and the candidate "success factors" necessary to ensure identification of qualified candidates in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The measurement of any recruitment value is the Cost-Per-Hire, Informative People can reduce the Cost-Per-Hire of your employees through its unique pricing structure and team support program. In lieu of a typical contingency/retainer fee cost structure, Informative People can contracts with companies on an Hourly rate services basis for the specific services required. We can perform effectively on this basis due to our internal support structure.

Our consultant's backgrounds and our TEAM approach enable us to eliminate the use of contingency and/or retained agencies from your recruiting budget.

With Informative People Outsource Recruiting program you no longer need to have a full-time recruiter on staff with a full time salary and benefits. You have the ability to modulate your costs based on your staff requirements. We can also scale up hours very easily when your hiring needs increase and reduce our services and your costs when your needs are met.

Each consultant is supported by our Research Department. This research staff is able to spend a number of hours per week per consultant assisting each consultant with sourcing for current openings.

In order to connect with "passive" candidates (candidates who are currently working), a recruiter must take the time to develop a very large network and understand how to reach the right people for each position. Informative People has researchers dedicated to working with networking groups and contacting companies on a regular basis to source individuals interested in specific job opportunities.

Our Outsourced Recruiting Program is fully scalable allowing you to modify the engagement of services based on current hiring needs. Our Advisors provides you with the wide scope of resources needed to produce results quickly and efficiently. We become an integral part of your organization to ensure identification of qualified candidates in a timely and cost-effective manner.