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No matter how qualified a recent hire is for their new role, their success within your organization hinges on how well they integrate into the workplace. Orientation programs in the past were typically characterized by large inaccessible manuals, outdated videos, and mounds of paperwork.

Informative Consultancy Services(S) understands Today, the focus is on making new hires feel comfortable. A strategic orientation program will help you minimize the occurrence of voluntary terminations within the first 4-6 months. It will also help you build stronger teams, by promoting a high level of human interaction, meeting individual needs, and increasing overall job satisfaction.

This is your only chance to make the first great impression to a new employee. You must continue to focus on the experience that you have worked so hard to maintain up to this point. If you misstep here, all that you've done previously will be forgotten or considered an untruth. The process of handholding must make the new hire feel welcomed, valued, and prepared to perform the duties needed to be successful in their role. All of the details that will allow them to seamlessly begin their new job must be considered, documented, and planned. A good program should define short-, medium-and long-term objectives for the new hire. Consider the following in terms of your current program:

  1.                         Do you know what the experience is like?
  2.                         What is the current process of handholding?
  3.                         How many steps and how long does it currently take?
  4.                         Do new employees have predetermined goals and objectives to strive for?