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Informative People come with a specially designed program as a tool for Key employees are those targeted for growth or recognized as having attributes that will take them to higher positions within the company. Employee mentoring programs ensure that these individuals reach their potential by placing them "under the wing" of seasoned/senior level employees.

Employee Involvement

A program that is designed to address every aspect of the employee's job is a critical necessity to job performance, employee contentment, and employee confidence. The strategic process of engagement should be geared to the details of the job - and support clearly defined managerial expectations.

Here a set of employees is been assigned to a key leader within the organization purely based on interest, goals and culture as to give them a space to grow along with objective of the organization under the proven guidance of the highly motivated and respectfull leader

Management Involvement

One of the top five reasons employees leave is because of their boss. Whether they consider them incompetent, weak, abrasive, unskilled, etc. the result is the same - turnover. Creating a management training and development program that will keep your management team skilled and knowledgeable in the duties of a manager in your company and dealing with employees is critical to retention.

The Role of the managrail staff will not be limited to only the functional roles but will also involve the skill to engage and develop the culture of achiving the execllenace in the organization

The objective of this exersie is only to create leader in organisation