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The proper management of employee performance are essential components of an effective Employee Performance Management System. Informative People has developed and can provide you with the implementation of a comprehensive and effective program that gives your managers the tools to properly manage and appraise their supervised employee's performance. Employee Performance Management and Appraisal Programs improve employee performance with Best Practices Guidelines, Education and Evaluations.

Informative People Performance Management Program

Performance Management is an ongoing communication process, undertaken in partnership, between an employee and his or her immediate supervisor that involves establishing and documenting clear expectations and understanding about:

  • The essential job functions the employee is expected to do
  • How the employee's job contributes to the goals of the organization
  • What "doing the job well" means in concrete terms
  • How employee and supervisor will work together to sustain, improve, or build on existing employee performance
  • How job performance will be measured
  • Identifying barriers to performance and removing them

Effective Performance Management is provided through the implementation of our comprehensive program with guidelines, methods, strategies and tools for managers to utilize in performing these functions.

Importance of Informative People Performance Management 
Performance Management can increase productivity of the people you manage.

They help you with:

  • Employee Development - The manager discusses employee strengths and how to apply them. Goals are discussed as well as plans for growth.
  • Employee Motivation - A non-threatening exchange of ideas between the manager and the employee which may help to solidify the relationship.
  • Employee Relations - A chance to find out how the employee feels about you, the job, and the company.