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After all, sometimes the best person for the job is the one already doing it. Fail to retain your top performers and the cost of replacing them can range from 150-250% of their respective salaries.

We at Informative People assist in career path development programs that provide your employees with the motivation to excel, to employee satisfaction surveys that reveal where you need to strengthen your organization's employment offering, Informative People designs the programs and solutions you need to retain the talent that you've worked so hard to acquire. At each step, we measure the results of your retention strategy to determine how it stacks up against prior efforts, ensuring that you're always benefiting from the best available information.

Informative People executive will train your management team by providing the tact. Informative People, methods, conference structure and language for effectively and properly communicating with their employees to help employees to appraise and improve their performance, recognize their strengths and deficiencies. Managers will learn the documentation practices for this process and learn tips on improving this process for the mutual benefit of the company and the employee.

We at Informative People will also provide guidelines for the warning signs that indicate where things could go wrong in the performance management process and the proper way to conduct the appraisal and employee review process to mitigate negative outcomes for the company and how to manage termination actions and other outcomes resulting in dissolution of the employee / company relationship.

Our Retention Audits deliver real results that will effect your retention numbers. It will help you analyze your current employee retention strategy and develop a plan to keep your best people doing their best work for a long time to come.