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We at Informative Consultancy Services(S) have developed an unique support system named as 360 degree feedback mechanism is a process which is based on questionnaire that captures perceptions of key internal audiences (superiors, peers, subordinates) regarding the quality of an individual's leadership and management characteristInformative Consultancy Services and compares those perceptions to the individual's self-view.

Inaugural 360s should include senior executives and should subsequently be limited to those who supervise others. Because a 360 is not intended to assess one's job performance, it is not a substitute for the performance review process.

While undertaking a 360 degree feedback initiative is to be used with atmost care.

  1. Proper definition of the process
  2. Customize the questionnaire
  3. Properly introduce the process
  4. Allow the "first time" to be self-directed
  5. Provide follow-up coaching.
  6. Control respondent selection and anonymity.
  7. Deploy a second 360

This may sound harsh, but avoidance of the following negative consequences provides more than adequate justification for such a step:

  1. Without supervisory review of the second 360, accountability for improvement by those who participated in the process cannot be meaningfully imposed, so the entire initiative won't be taken seriously;
  2. Absent the second 360, those who worked diligently to improve their scores won't have visibility into the results of their efforts, so they'll be left with uncertainty and lack of closure;
  3. Respondents who labored to provide thoughtful input will believe their opinions never really mattered in the first place.

In conclusion, the 360 is the most effective tool that provides quantitative and qualitative evidence of the causal link between management behavior and business outcomes. Our analysis will prove that we all agree that managerial behavior significantly affects productivity, employee attitudes, morale, retention, teamsmanship, and therefore the quality of customer interaction and overall business results.