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We at Informative People develop at process and solution which create you as most preferred employer brand by creating the relationship between your organization and the employment market. Despite what others may tell you, a brand cannot be created, because it already exists as a fact. And we can help you understand how to take advantage of that fact.

Collaborating with your organization, Informative people will uncover-through a rigorous and disciplined process-the brand that will make you say, "Yes, that's who we are."

Our brand discovery process includes:

  1. A communications inventory
  2. Extensive staff interviews
  3. An analysis of your competitors' brands

Once the brand discovery phase is complete, we will develop communications materials to expose it to your target audiences. You will receive a brand workbook for your internal audience and an employment campaign for your external one. These will work in concert to help current and future employees understand exactly what kind of organization they work for and help them orient them towards a common vision of what needs to be done.

Uncovering your organization's employer brand allows you to concentrate on just those candidates who are interested in working for an employer like you. You'll be able to stop wasting valuable time and money on candidates who don't fit into your corporate culture. You'll no longer have to worry about making a hire only to have the applicant leave your company within six months because he or she "doesn't fit in." When you promote your brand as it exists, you improve your retention rates in the long-run and reduces your ultimate cost-per-hire.

More than a logo or a tag line, an employment brand reflects a current and future image of your organization, enhancing internal and external communications alike.