Core HR Services > Mapping of KRA & Job Analysis

KRA analysis and Identification

"Key Result Areas" or KRAs refer to your organization's general areas of outcomes or outputs for which the department's role is responsible. Identifying KRAs helps individuals/organizations:

  1. Clarify their roles
  2. Align their roles to the organization's business or strategic plan
  3. Focus on results rather than activities
  4. Communicate their role's purposes to others
  5. Set goals and objectives
  6. Prioritize their activities, and therefore improve their time/work management
  7. Make value-added decisions

Job Description Services

We at Informative People provides a comprehensive services that identifies the role requirements in the organization and develops and designs the job description and concurrent skill requirements for that role. The proper job description for a role in a company allows the organization to properly identify what needs to be done and what type of candidate can perform that role

We can guide you through the relationship of job descriptions & requirements so that the company is in compliance and not subject to lawsuit. The correct job description will allow the company to properly set the objectives for that role and assure that they are congruent with the objectives and goals of the company. Lastly, the proper job description will allow the employee to understand their role and allow both the company and manager to properly access their performance in that role

Each Job Descriptions will answer?

  1. WHAT is being done?
  2. WHY is it being done?
  3. HOW is it being done?
  4. BY WHOM is it being done?
  5. IS this what the company needs TODAY?