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Although recruitment has always held an important place within organizations the growing demand for highly skilled staff has meant that effective recruitment practices are now becoming a considerable source of competitive advantage.

Informative People recruitment and selection Training module is designed to prepare individuals and Companies to introduce effective recruitment and selection systems. In addition this Module clearly outlines how to introduce a supporting measurement system for the recruitment process to maximize the efficiency.

Following are the Input on the following Module

Stage One

  1. Challenges, Strength & Weakness of Recruitment & how to over come these?
  2. How to do Business Development?
  3. Analyzing the Requirements & Different types of Analyzing
  4. Analyzing the Organizations
  5. How to collect the Market Intelligence?
  6. How to understand Technologies?
  7. How to get Resumes?
  8. Different channels / Sources of getting resumes?
  9. How to evaluate Portals?
  10. What is Referencing & Networking? Different types of Networking?
  11. What is E-recruitment? & How to get resumes from e-recruitment?
  12. Head Hunting Techniques & Walk-ins
  13. Poaching Techniques? Different Types of Poaching? Different channels of Poaching?
  14. How to Place advertisements? Media, Postings, etc...
  15. How to document the readings about the candidates?
  16. Summary drafting of the Candidate resume
  17. Cost Saving Database Management
  18. Report Generation
  19. How to reach numbers and Ratio Tact Informative People?

Stage 2

  1. What is Staffing? Staffing practices across Country? (US, Europe, Asia Pac etc.)
  2. Visa Procedures (US, Europe, Asia Pac etc.)
  3. Interview Preparation Phase, Planning & Interviewing Techniques
  4. Probing and its different methods
  5. How to sell the Job and Salary Package?
  6. Negotiating Skills
  7. Self-Improvements & Evaluating Methods
  8. How to do Reference Checks & Different ways of Reference checks?
  9. Recruitment Policies & Procedure