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A business enterprise is an economic institution engaged in the production and/or distribution of goods and services in order to earn profits and acquire wealth. The scope of a business is very wide. It includes a large number of activities which may be classified into two broad categories i.e. Industry and Commerce. Production of goods is the domain of 'Industry' and distribution comes under 'Commerce'.

Every entrepreneur aims at starting a business and building it into a successful enterprise. He/she innovates and combines resources in the form of men, materials and money and brings them together to make the business venture profitable.

From here onwards Informative People offers it services, To Establish the particular Branches / Head office in terms of

  1. Analyzing the optimum no of employees required to perform a function/operations
  2. Doing a cultural sensitivity test.
  3. Structuring the Hierarchy to be developed.
  4. Mapping the Compensation package
  5. Laying down the foundation for organizational behavior
  6. Managing the publication for hiring
  7. Streamline the process flow of manpower acquisition

Informative People association will leave the management to face the various challenges to run the economic institution apart from the Human Capital Management