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In today’s arena lot of Hiring Manager feels acquiring a skilled/semi-skilled fresh workforce is more tougher than hiring an experienced managers as the approach of these young executives and little managers are exposed with lot of information along and with pressure to start earning early they apply for each and every job.

We at Informative People arrange & manage a set of candidate with required skill set and qualification within the given range of remuneration with commitment to work long only for at a given location for hiring in one go. We also intend to manage to be interface in between the hiring authorities and professional training Organization

Through Informative People campus placements, job fairs any employer can screen and interact with vast pool of collage student database and reach to quality/reputed college campuses across India . Keeping in mind the various parameters required we offer companies to explore for fresh talent from colleges by various interview options like:-

  1. One to one interview with students
  2. Group discussions to evaluate various skills
  3. Short written Tests developed by participating company to evaluate knowledge base of students

We offer SME (Small- Medium Enterprises) level companies from all walks and size opportunity to participate in such events and recruit and offer job openings to candidates for growth with the organization.

You gain:-

  1. Selection from vast student base you are able to zero in the right candidate
  2. Be an Equal Opportunity Employer
  3. Liberty of mythology for the interview
  4. Enhancement of company corporate image
  5. On top of all this we charge a very nominal cost for manpower you recruit from the job fair a huge saving to your local placement consultants. Trainees recruitment at zero cost
  6. Easy filtering Process.