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Informative People Human Resources Compliance Audit provides your management team with an independent appraisal of your current HR functions and practices. With an environment of frequently changing legal requirements, a Compliance Audit can identify problem areas before they become costly or embarrassing to you. The Compliance Audit also provides you with a roadmap to intelligently plan your future human resource needs.

The process includes the following:

  1. A structured query pertaining to all written documents and document review as necessary.
  2. An evaluation of any files and forms, organization charts, and memos that are in place.
  3. Interviews with key personnel to document management philosophy and current HR practices.
  4. Preparation of a written analysis of the HR functions in place and identified requirements for meeting compliance including identification of key action items and the timeline for completion.

After the Audit, Our' Consultant can assist in developing and providing the following vital tools as required:

  1. An Injury and Illness Prevention Program
  2. An Employee Handbook
  3. An equitable, competitive Compensation Program
  4. Job Analysis and Job descriptions for correct employee classifications
  5. New Hire Orientation Program
  6. Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
  7. Performance Reviews and Promotion Procedures
  8. Termination Process
  9. Hiring Processes
  10. Health and Safety Program
  11. Rules, Regulations and Discipline Procedures

The final Audit Report contains the following:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Audit Observations and Recommendations
  3. Recommended Action Plan